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Crow Ambrotype Captured In Camera Onto Underside of Domed Glass Set In Silver

Crow Ambrotype Captured In Camera Onto Underside of Domed Glass Set In Silver

This Crow ambrotype was made by setting an antique crow drawing (artist unknown) in front of my 5x7" antique field camera to then capture the image onto the small glass piece that was placed inside the camera. I then processed the image in my basement darkroom. The ambrotype itself measures 35mm and I've made the sterling silver filigree setting to hold the image. I've also added a high quality 18 inch sterling silver wheat chain.


Making these tiny collodion images is a labor of love. It takes a certain intensity of skill and creativity in a category all it's own which is a challenge to maintain. For this reason, I am now making just a few collodion jewelry pieces each year, so if this one speaks to you, this is the time to snatch it up.


This necklace is a fine art Photo Pendant made in the 1850's wet plate collodion process. This type of image on metal is known as a "Tintype", a wet plate photo on glass is an "Ambrotype" and a collodion photo on Agate Quartz stone, I am calling an "Agatype". They are created in a rare, almost lost art process. I spend a great deal of time setting up the shoot for the image and taking the photo with an 1860's Dallmeyer lens and bellows camera or my 1910's Voigtlander lens and 5x7 field camera. Each wet plate is carefully developed in my darkroom, dried and then varnished with shellac or sandarac and lavender oil for their protection.....and then 2 more jeweler's grade, crystal clear materials to add even more durability.  I place the metal, glass, mica or agate stone photo into the setting that I typically make and add a chain. A lot of time and heart goes into making these handmade "gems" of art.


Each piece has a slight shimmer as wet plate collodion photos are made from tiny silver particles. Every one has its own unique quality, sometimes displaying streaks or specks which only add to its beauty and mystery.


I would love to accommodate if you have any specific requirements or commissions.


Be sure to use a soft, 100% cotton, T-shirt or cloth to gently wipe your photo pendant and store it in the included individual pouch or box to keep from scratching. Care for this piece just as you would care for any of your other fine jewelry pieces.


I sign or engrave each of my pieces. This one of a kind Pendant is sure to be an heirloom and it would make a wonderful gift for any occasion. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it.


Thanks so much for your interest.


Angie Brockey

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